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The best over the counter substitutes of viagra for men | Viagra and over the counter generic viagra : which is better?

Over-the-counter viagra analogues are effective substitutes for the original drug. Today, their range is impressive: manufacturers offer many options to solve a delicate problem. Any man can choose a branded product that promotes rapid arousal and is devoid of side effects. Each analog has its own characteristics, so doctors recommend that you clarify all the nuances before using it.

How does viagra substitutes work for men?

Viagra is a pill that contains sildenafil. This is an active component that helps restore erectile function and increase the duration of sexual intercourse. The principle of operation is simple — the substance increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, and this strengthens the erection. In order for the drug to work, you need to follow the instructions. An incorrectly calculated dosage can make the use of tablets meaningless.

Sildenafil in viagra only strengthens the capabilities of a man. The pill will not help if there is no sexual attraction to a woman. But if there is at least a little excitement, the drug will be a great way to prolong sexual intercourse, make it brighter and diversify sexual life.
It is more correct to take a substitute for viagra on an empty stomach: this way it is better absorbed into the blood and acts more effectively. Taking pills is better to coordinate with a specialist. It will help you calculate the correct dose and give recommendations. This will reduce the likelihood of side effects, which means that any OTC cheap viagra substitute will only benefit the body, but not harm it. To learn more

Causes of potency disorders

Sexual activity affects the quality of life. If due to the characteristics of the body, the duration of sexual intercourse decreases, satisfaction does not occur. A man's self-esteem drops, he becomes angry, irritable. Recent studies have shown that 80% of men over 40 years of age experience problems with potency. Why is this happening?

The main reasons are poor environmental conditions and constant stress. Doctors add other, less popular items to this list:

chronic diseases: hypertension, problems with the cardiovascular system, diabetes;
sedentary lifestyle;
excess weight;
hormonal disorders;
psychoses and neuroses;
bad habits — alcohol, Smoking.

Viagra will not help if the reason for the deterioration of sexual health lies in serious mental disorders.
The problem is that poor potency causes a mental state in which it is impossible to cope with it in ordinary ways. Dissatisfaction with family life, leading to divorce, a sense of social instability, self-doubt — all these problems can not be solved independently. Therefore, men are looking for a cheap substitute of viagra in a pharmacy. Often this is almost the only way to save the situation.

Who is recommended over the counter viagra  substitutes?

The drugs are suitable for any man who has erectile dysfunction syndromes. There is only one restriction — age. Up to 18 years of age, taking tablets containing active substances is still not recommended.

A safe tool will help all members of the male sex who can not lead a full sexual life because of the low quality of an erection.

Which is better: viagra analog or original?

The original drug, produced by Pfizer, is highly advertised and therefore known to everyone. The effect of it is, and you can buy it without a prescription. The disadvantage is one-for a tool that improves the erection, you will have to seriously overpay.

The company spent billions of dollars developing viagra. Hence the desire to" discourage " expensive research at the expense of buyers.
Competitors quickly realized that insufficient sexual arousal is a problem that most men face sooner or later. So on the market there are many over the counter substitutes for viagra, which act the same way, but are available to absolutely everyone. The principle of operation is the same, but they are registered under a different brand. Sildenafil remained the main active ingredient, but the excipients are different. Therefore, many products can be even more effective than the original tablets.

How do I accept substitutes?

The dosage depends on which drug the patient has chosen. For most men, 50 mg of the drug is sufficient, provided that the pill is taken an hour before sexual intercourse. Much depends on the characteristics of the body: sometimes an erection requires a dose of 100 mg, but these cases are rather an exception. For elderly patients, the recommended initial dosage of viagra is 25 mg. This is enough to improve the quality of sex, but not to harm.

See the instructions for the drug. Manufacturers write what is the optimal dose for each patient.
The General admission rules are as follows:

it is advisable to limit yourself to one tablet per day. Keep in mind that the active components of the drug are active for about 4 hours. This is enough for 2-3 full-fledged sexual acts;
a quick effect is possible if you take the tablet before eating. If you drink the product after a meal, be prepared that it will begin to have an effect in about an hour;
it is not advisable to wash down the drug with grapefruit juice or coffee. It is better to drink a glass of ordinary water;
the amount of alcohol consumed will have to be limited. A bottle of beer or a couple of glasses of wine won't do any harm, but you shouldn't experiment.
The best over the counter substitutes of viagra for men
Manufacturers produce a variety of drugs with similar effects. Some arrive in the form of tablets, others in the form of gels or powders. We have collected several options that will successfully replace viagra and will not blow a hole in your budget.


A good drug that will easily cope with the problem of erectile dysfunction. Patients who take levitra note that it significantly improves the quality of sex. The drug works much longer than viagra. It will provide high sexual activity for 8 hours. This means that you will have enough strength not only for the whole night, but also for the morning.

The analog contains an active substance — vardenafil. This medication blocks harmful enzymes that prevent blood from entering the sexual organ. In simple terms, the drug eliminates even the possibility of misfiring and naturally triggers the mechanism of erection.


Another powerful tool that provides serious competition to the original viagra. It restores erectile dysfunction, improves male potency. The advantage of the analog is that the duration of sexual intercourse increases at times. Those who have tried the drug claim that it works within 48 hours.

One tablet is enough to forget about the problem for the whole weekend.
The active ingredient in the analog, tadalafil, is recommended for daily use. Of course, provided that it will enter the body in small doses. Therefore, these tablets are considered the safest for age-related patients. The Supplement improves blood supply in all systems, including the sexual one. This ensures a long and strong erection.


This is an analog from an Indian pharmaceutical company, which is available not only in tablets, but also in the form of gels and loose powders. The drug will help out when it is not possible to quickly wash down the pills with water. It is also suitable for those who have a traditional form of the active substance that causes unpleasant sensations in the stomach. In terms of effectiveness, it is comparable to the original tool for stimulating an erection.

Analogs of the viagra pill: who needs to be more careful?

Age-related patients should take viagra seriously. Just like its analogues, it is not recommended:

representatives of the stronger sex who suffer from serious heart and vascular diseases;
patients who have had a heart attack or stroke;
those who are taking pills containing the nitrite;
having had the accident.
Many medications reduce the concentration level. Therefore, in the first hours after taking the tablets, you should not sit behind the wheel and manage complex mechanisms. Sometimes patients have a headache, but more often it is characteristic of those who did not observe the dosage.

Viagra is useless for those men who do not have problems with an erection without it. In all other cases, it (or its analogues) will come to the rescue to radically change your sex life.